Snapped String?
No Problem.

Restring your racket within a week from a badminton stringer at the University of Pennslyvania!

Book a stringing service for just $24!
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Convenient 😀
Serviced within the University of Pennsylvania.
Certified ✅
Strung by a USRSA badminton stringer.
Fast 🔄
Rackets strung within 5 days. Expedited in 2.

Rackets I've Strung

BG66um @ 24x26lb | Wilson Fierce CX 6000

BG66um @ 26x27.5lb | Yonex Astrox 100ZZ

BG80 @ 20x22lb | Li-Ning Windforce 79

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me by email or on the contact page!

I've never had my racket strung here before, so what should I expect?
Once you've paid and given me your racket, I'll inspect it for damage, replace grommets if needed, and string it with your chosen string. When I'm done, I'll reach out to you to coordinate pickup.
What string and tension should I choose?
If you're not sure, I highly suggest you reach out to me through email or on the contact page! I'll consult with you about your skill level and your play style before you make your purchase.
Where can I meet you to get my rackets strung?
You can hand it to me during badminton practice (Wednesdays, 6 PM - 8 PM), or get in touch to arrange dropping it off at my dorm (Hill 236) if I'm present.
How fast can you get my racket strung?
Depending on my workload, expect your racket to be strung within 3-5 days. For expedited 2 day delivery, contact me via email or on the contact page.
What experience do you have in stringing rackets?
I started stringing badminton rackets in 2021. Currently, I've strung 200+ rackets across New York schools and badminton clubs.
What do you use to string my rackets?
I string with my modded Alpha Pioneer DC Plus machine with a WISE 2086 electronic tensioner.